About Me


My Work

I am a survivor of child abuse, trauma, and neglect.I entered  foster care system, was a ward of the state and discovered that I would be subjected to ongoing abuse. My early developmental experiences were a foundation and a prelude to ongoing difficulty socializing, making friends and forming meaningful attachments and bonds. My early experiences and adult struggles in my own life inspired me to work in the mental health field to help others.I started working early in entry level human service jobs and at a later age secured my undergraduate and graduate degree in social service, human services and counseling.I have worked as a case manager, substance abuse counselor and other client service related positions. I have worked with the severely mentally ill, families, adults and children. I have discovered that my personal history and ongoing struggles has given me a platform of understanding, appreciation, compassion, patients and a desire to help others by providing tool, resources and education towards self sufficiency and independence.I truly believe that helping others, bringing relief and happiness is the doorway to resolving my need to feel I am making a difference.


My Community

It is my hope that my book will provide insight, will guide and inspire others to secure help early in although we can learn, change and grow later in life it is undoubtedly better to establish a sense of self,learn to attach, bond and be part of a social network, be able to self regulate our emotions, depression, anxiety, anger and disappointment As part of a family, neighborhood and community thrive to living a fa filled life..


Join My Journey

it is my hope that my book will provide you insight, support, guidance and some tools how to deal with past abuse, trauma and neglect. How to redirect and work towards reducing shame, depression and anxiety and emotional pain. It is my hope the some of you will choose to share your story, provide some insight into what you would like to see added to my book as I craft my experience, challenges and insight in to a book that can be  inspirational, supportive, educational and an agent for change.